Sarah Shimek    Board Certified  Massage Therapist
    Hello and a warm welcome to Vital Massage For Health.  I know how important your body is to you and work hard to keep my services affordable and the quality of my massage exceptional. 
     I understand everyone's preferences are different and even change according to what is happening in life. Sometimes you have pain, sometimes you just feel stressed out.  Some people want to participate in working out the knots and restrictions I find in their muscles and some want to just go to sleep. Some want to continue with exercises and stretches at home and some would rather just come more often for a massage.  I'll be glad to work with whoever you are.
     That being said, my passion is working with every technique I know to release every tight muscle I find and see you leave without pain or restriction. For some people this takes 90 minutes, Some are fine with 60. I love continually learning new from the "massage masters" and will share with you all I can so you get the most out of your massage. 
      I am board certified and hold an Associates Degree in massage therapy from Greeley's Academy of Natural Therapy.
      I work in Lewisville, CO through the week at Elements Massage.  My 15 year old son and I live there while he is in high school.  However, my home is in Greeley and I return every weekend to continue to build my practice here. 
       I would love to meet with you for an introductory massage at a reduced rate so we can get acquainted and see if my services are a good fit for you!                 
                        Sarah Shimek